Settlers demolish the word "Palestine" from the mural of Ibrahimic School in the Old town

When settlers consolidate their hegemony and control in the city of Hebron, they Continue to engage in violence and genocide against the Palestinian citizens, and plan to take over Abraham's Mosque and areas adjacent to, working to sabotage and destroy the achievements achieved by the people of the Old City to maintain and protect their land from their parents. 

These schemes of Zionism. 


The Old City of Hebron  is experiencing a fierce campaign of Judaizing at this time, and take advantage of the dominance of the Zionist occupation authorities in the implementation of its aggressions and its Jewish citizens over attempts to displace from the old town and the blur and distortion of historical monuments and religious and Palestinian. 


Speaking of attacks by settlers agaist the rights of the people of the old town and the denial of the expression of their steadfastness in the face of this land in the Zionist occupation, the last of these attacks was the deletion of the word "Free Palestine "from the " Shahd mural grapes in Hebron, "and painted on wall of the Ibahimic School , near Abraham's Mosque. A group of volunteers under the supervision of the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee and Partner institutions of the campaign Amar Ya Blady had Painted  it in April of this year 2011.