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Hebron Rehabilitation Committee in Cooperation with Ministry of Culture and Hebron Women Charitable Society Open a Glass Exhibition in Hebron Old City

Within a series of events and activities implemented by Hebron Rehabilitation Committee (HRC) for “Investment for Enhancing the Ability of Resilience”, the HRC in cooperation with Ministry of Culture and Hebron Women Charitable Society (HWCS) opened a glass exhibition at Old Hebron Museum, in which specialized exhibitions periodically are organized with the aim of revitalizing traditional crafts and industries and preserving the cultural heritage.

The opening took place with the presence of Mr. Emad Hamdan, the HRC’s General Director, Mr. Rashad Abu Hmeid, Director of Ministry of Culture, Dr. Asmaa Doufish, Head of HWCS, and a cohort of official and civil institutions interested in the of the traditional crafts and cultural heritage.

Mr. Hamdan points out that this event is to support the Palestinian cultural heritage, that embodies a message expressing the extent of the Palestinian society’s connection to its traditional products, and highlighting that conserving the heritage is a main pillar of the culture, as well as protection of the Palestinian identity that the Israeli occupation actively seeks to obliterate.  

Mr. Hamdan also added that the exhibition is to proceed for two weeks, and that monthly exhibitions are going to be organized, which are dedicated for the traditional crafts and products, that are generally famous in Palestine and Hebron City in particular.

Mr. Hamdan recalled the importance of the glass industry, as it is considered one of the oldest traditional handcrafts in the area, which dates back to approximated 500 years old in the city. A number of glass factories in Hebron City emerged in the nineteenth century, that mainly centered in Al-Sawakneh and Al-Qazzazin Neighborhoods, where Al-Qazzazin was named after the glass industry, these factories produced back then jugs, lamps, oil and drinks pots, food containers, women cosmetics, and other glass products.  

The glass exhibition opening was preceded by an opening of a cultural seminar in partnership between Ministry of Culture and Hebron Rehabilitation Committee (HRC) on the glass industry, its history, and the necessity of conserving this traditional craft that Hebron City is famous for.