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On the Occasion of Prophet Mohammad’s Birthday Celebration Hebron Rehabilitation Committee (HRC) Brings Back Life to Al Shalalah Street in Hebron Old City

Al Shalalah Street has witnessed today a remarkable spiritual atmosphere, where everyone was delighted and content amidst this pleasant atmosphere, as the souq and its commercial shops have been decorated, alongside with the religious anthems by “Tayba Group” and the generous hospitality by the shops owners in cooperation with the HRC who provided different collection of sweets and fruits for the Old City and the Ibrahimi Mosque’s visitors.

The HRC’s General Director, Mr. Emad Hamdan, referred to this event, despite its modesty, which has a huge impact in the revival of Al Shalalah souq’s heart, that had been in the past one of the most vital and crowded sites, however, it turned into an almost deserted site due to the Israeli settlements and the settlers’ constant attacks, and is suffering from the commercial traffic’s stagnation. Thus, Hebron Rehabilitation Committee (HRC) strives to revitalize this area through implementation of restoration projects in its shops, installation of metal awnings, as well as fulfill the shops owners’ needs to strengthen their resilience and encourage them to stay, along with the HRC’s organization of events and activities in an effort to revive the movement in the Old City.  

The Vice President of Hebron Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Adnan Al Natsheh, praised the HRC and the shops owners for organizing this event, which carries a message of working forward in order to activate the economic movement in the Old City.

One of the commercial shops owners in Al Shalalah middle souq, Mr. Wael Farrah, expressed his happiness regarding the activity that the souq has witnessed today, hoping and praying for Al Shalalah Street to be crowded and active with its customers and visitors permanently, he also thanked Hebron Rehabilitation Committee for its sustained support of the area

The HRC’s Project Coordinator, Mrs. Maysara Salah, thanked the German Government, KFW, and UNDP for their support of such events and activities among “The Investment Programme for Strengthening the Resilience Ability”.