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Desecration of Ibrahimi Mosque and Strict Measures on Hebron Old City

Under the so-called Jewish holidays, the Jewish settlers have intensified their barbaric attacks and assaults against the Ibrahimi Mosque and the Palestinian citizens and their own houses near the settlement outposts in the heart of Hebron Old City, or those that are located on the linking road between “Kiryat Arba” settlement and the Ibrahimi Mosque. 
Meanwhile, under pretext of the Talmudic rituals, the Israeli settlers begin to mobilize hundreds of settlers from different settlements, and walk in huge provocative marches tightly guarded by the occupation army and police, beginning from Kiryat Arba Settlement towards the Ibrahimi Mosque, through which they raise the Zionist flags, turbulence through loudspeakers, alongside with attacking the Palestinian citizens and their houses and properties.   
The General Director of Hebron Rehabilitation Committee (HRC), Mr. Emad Hamdan, reported that closing the Ibrahimi Mosque in the face of the Muslim worshippers by the occupation authorities, as well as enabling the Jewish settlers to fully break into it, and having the Talmudic rituals, escorted by ungodliness and alcohol drinking inside and outside its courtyards are all considered a grave undermining of the Muslims’ sentiments and a desecration of this Islamic holy site.  
Mr. Hamdan also indicated that enabling the Jewish settlers to break into the Ibrahimi Mosque, and dedicating the spatial and temporal division that came by the so-called Shamgar Committee following the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre in 1994, which was committed by the settler “Baruch Goldstein” against the Muslim worshippers, and claimed the lives of 29 martyrs. The settlers sought to intensify their attacks against the Ibrahimi Mosque following the massacre throughout the passing years, and worked to take the opportunities of their religious holidays, along with creation of social ceremonies, so that they prove their false connection to the mosque by obliterating the Islamic antiquities and monuments, and the establishment of new projects like installing an elevator, paving a special track for it, establishing a café and a service unit, and lifting the Talmudic menorah on its rooftop to add the Jewish character to it. 
These noisy celebrations that feature the Jewish ceremonies also are a nightmare to the Palestinian citizens who live in the Old City, where they are usually exposed to the attacks against them and their houses by the settlers, accompanied with restricting their movement by the soldiers through closing a number of the military gates, which are placed by the occupation in the old City neighborhoods to separate them from other neighborhoods and areas of the city, violating with these measures the simplest civil and humanitarian rights of the citizens who are the owners of the historical right to own their houses on their homeland. 

From the perspective of the Ibrahimi Mosque protection and emphasizing its Arab-Islamic identity and protection of the Old City, Hebron Rehabilitation Committee (HRC) urges the necessity of the constant visits to the Ibrahimi Mosque for worshipping, visiting, and holding the religious ceremonies there, as well as folk, social, and economic festivals in the Old City, due to their positive impact in the activation of visitor traffic from and into the Ibrahimi Mosque, revitalization of the economic movement, and proving the great extent of the connection between the Old City and the other areas of the city.